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Everyone can Work for Money, but I let Money work for you

Investment Manager | Promoter of Financial Freedom | Personal Finance Educator & Speaker


I empower expats & investors to grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom.

Two ways to grow your money: saving from your salary or investing for faster growth. My expertise lies in successful investment strategies.

To grow your wealth, I will work with you to make the best plan possible that suits your needs!

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Expert advise

10 years of experience in growing wealth for clients and myself. Master's degree in finance with a CISI Level 4 certificate in Advanced Wealth Management.

Master Class

Explore a new financial topic each month, with free access to recorded sessions and live Q&A sessions.

Financial planning

I'll create a personalized plan tailored to your needs and goals, supported by statistics and a proven track record, to help you achieve your financial objectives methodically.


Each month, I host industry icons on my podcast, where we delve into their diverse backgrounds and careers, offering an exciting opportunity for them to share their life stories with us.


Access valuable content including Monthly Recaps, Simon's Advice, and Q&A sessions addressing questions from Simon Snelder's dedicated audience.


My blogs are dedicated to providing valuable financial tips, tools for enhancing your financial well-being, investment insights for wealth growth, and boosting financial literacy to empower our readers with knowledge.



One thing I am known for, and my clients can agree with, is that I like getting real. To truly help my clients, and myself, I have to engage with life's realities. I aim to meet and talk with people who have extraordinary and authentic stories.These are inspiring and insightful journeys from everyday individuals, detailing where they are now and how they got there.

No pretenses, fake smiles, or fabricated stories—just real people with real experiences. Join me in a series of episodes where I meet several inspiring individuals, some of whom have been my long-term clients.

Check out all the episodes and 'Get Real' with 'Real People' and 'Real Stories' 

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I launched the Masterclass series to share my passion, experience, and knowledge with others who are eager to sustainably grow their wealth. Join me on this journey by attending my Masterclass and unlocking the secrets to financial success.

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How I can help you

We provide valuable investment advice to enhance your understanding of personal finance and financials, bringing you closer to achieving your life's financial goals and gaining financial freedom.


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Simon Snelder

Experienced and knowledgeable wealth manager

MBA graduated from the University of Wollongong in Dubai and works as a wealth manager.

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Simon Snelder

Wealth Manager

Jimmy Chamata
Jimmy Chamata

Head of Marketing at Kia Motors

“Simon is not your traditional Financial Advisor, his friendly and professional approach allows him to analyse and understand his client’s requirements which enables him to recommend the optimal financial solutions for you and your family. Also, He openly shares both opportunities and risks of every proposed solution to provide the client with a full perspective. Most importantly , Simon is great at establishing a long-term relationship with his clients based on mutual trust.“

Ahmad Al Rasheed
Ahmad Al Rasheed


“ Simon goes beyond a wealth and insurance advisor! He takes his time in all generosity and honesty to know you personally without being too personal so he can draw a clear and realistic map to your needs and desires for the years to come. He is informed and expert at what he does. He is a partner“


What my clients say

During the initial five years of my career, I wholeheartedly dedicated my time and efforts to nurturing the early education and childcare business, a legacy founded by my father. This experience was immensely valuable, offering me invaluable insights at a young age.

However, I soon realized that the family business wasn't my true calling. I yearned for a vocation that would ignite my passion, and I found that calling in the financial industry, where challenges and fulfillment awaited.

For nearly eight years now, I've transitioned from growing businesses to nurturing the financial well-being of individuals. Along this journey, I've forged strong relationships and helped clients achieve their financial goals.

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Below are the most asked questions with answers. If you have any questions that are not answered below then please let me know.

We first have an introduction meeting, where I will find out how I can add value to you. Then I will email you my recommendations and then we have a second conversation to discuss my recommendations and your thoughts on this.




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Your trusted partner

My mission is to empower my clients to achieve financial independence and secure their financial goals, serving as their trusted partner throughout the journey.

Join my free monthly Masterclass and learn about the different areas of how you can handle and protect your finances. 

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