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Getting Real



One thing I am known for, and my clients can agree with, is that I like getting real. To truly help my clients, and myself, I have to engage with life's realities. I aim to meet and talk with people who have extraordinary and authentic stories.These are inspiring and insightful journeys from everyday individuals, detailing where they are now and how they got there.

No pretenses, fake smiles, or fabricated stories—just real people with real experiences. Join me in a series of episodes where I meet several inspiring individuals, some of whom have been my long-term clients.


  • Episode 01

    My very first guest with an extraordinary story

  • Guest name

    Brian Meghoe

  • Date

    July 2024

Brian is a specialist in developing sound systems for luxury and sports cars, yachts, and large residential properties.

Brian talks about his passion for creating perfect and powerful sound systems in challenging environments, such as exotic cars with limited space. He shares his journey, starting from working in a car audio shop at 18, to opening his own company in 2006, and gradually expanding his clientele from regular cars to high-end vehicles like Ferraris and Bugattis.

Despite the initial struggle to attract clients, he leveraged creativity and marketing strategies, eventually gaining recognition.

Brian explains about the importance of personalized, high-quality sound systems and the unique challenges and satisfactions of his work.