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UAE Medical Insurance

Now is the time to get a better understanding of what the status is with the Dubai real estate market.

  • Master Class: UAE Medical Insurance

    Why is it so expensive and how can you manage it?

  • Date

    Wednesday, 26 January 2022

  • Time

    14:00 - 15:00 GST

Have you asked yourself these questions when paying for medical insurance in the UAE? Is the high price of medical insurance preventing you from having a policy in place? Are you concerned for the well-being of your loved ones who are not covered?

Although health insurance is mandatory in the UAE, navigating the decision-making process is overwhelming, mainly due to regulatory mandates and a lack of transparency.

Our guest speaker, Kelly Montoya, Head of Medical Insurance at Seven Insurance Brokers, will empower you with insightful information on the reasons for the pricing of medical insurance in the UAE.

Join us for this interesting conversation, where we will be sharing our personal experiences as consumers, as well as market statistics and research.

By the end of this session will be armed with information and confidence to make the right decision on all medical insurance needs.

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