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Vipin is an internationally experienced professional with a diverse background in entrepreneurship, banking, marketing, and retailing. He proudly holds a Guinness World Record and is the owner of an intellectual property known as the 24-Hour Tennis Marathon.

Prior to joining Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Vipin had a successful stint working for a prominent brand where he played a key role in launching ICICI Bank at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) during his time with ICICI.

Currently, Vipin is a Dubai-based real estate expert, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in the market. I had the pleasure of engaging in a stimulating conversation with him, and I'm confident you'll find it enjoyable too!

It was a pleasure having Vipin as my guest and I hope you enjoy our podcast!

Simon Snelder


Jun 8, 2023

57 Minutes 26 Second


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