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Nejib Zaafrani is a distinguished professional who has held key leadership positions throughout his career. Previously serving as the Managing Director and Chairman at Shell Abu Dhabi, he played a pivotal role in shaping the organization's success.

Additionally, he served as the first CEO and Secretary General of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, where he demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic vision.

Currently, Nejib Zaafrani serves as the President of the Tunisian Talent United (TTU) association, a role through which he passionately devotes his time to nurturing and developing talented Tunisians worldwide, with the aim of empowering future leaders.

Furthermore, he actively contributes as an independent executive director, board member, and advisor, leveraging his expertise to provide valuable insights and guidance.

Notably, Nejib Zaafrani's presence as a guest was a true honor. His amiable personality and remarkable achievements have left a lasting impression, reflecting his exceptional character and professional accomplishments.

Simon Snelder

Nejib Zaafrani

Jun 30, 2023

1 Hr 4 Minutes 25 Second


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