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The podcast episodes are a series of conversations with industry icons that will share their life story and career with us.



Simon Snelder with Mollie Powell

Welcome to today's episode where we are thrilled to have the extraordinary Mollie Powell as our guest. Mollie is the brilliant mind behind two successful ventures, Pink ..


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Simon Snelder with Nejib Zaafrani

Nejib Zaafrani is a distinguished professional who has held key leadership positions throughout his career. Previously serving as the Managing Director and Chairman at Shell Abu Dhabi, he play..



Simon Snelder with Vipin

Vipin is an internationally experienced professional with a diverse background in entrepreneurship, banking, marketing, and retailing. He proudly holds a Guinness World Record and is the owner of ..


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Simon Snelder with Miro Fok

Miro Fok is an accomplished American entrepreneur with a focus on the health insurance and insurtech sector for the past 13 years.Currently based in Dubai, he has recently launched Vita Virtues, an..



Simon Snelder with Sonia Zaknoune

Sonia Zaknoune is a dynamic entrepreneur who was born in France and has been residing in Dubai for the past 16 years.Her love of travel has brought her to many parts of the world, and she has...


Podcast 20

Simon Snelder with Nancy Mourad

she is an award-winning public health specialist.Tech entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Kluly Inc, the platform that is turning itself quickly into the degree of the internet.Nancy was born and ..


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Simon Snelder with Richard Alexander

He is from the UK and decided 15 years ago to travel around the world. At one point he decided to work again in Shanghai, China. After spending more than 5 years in China he decided to work in Dubai..


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Simon Snelder with Bilal Alavi

Bilal Alavi was my guest in my podcast and we were pleased to discuss the digital payments revolution and future trends together. It was a great conversation as Bilal has extensive knowledge of the industry.. He is Head of CVP & ..


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Simon Snelder with Kirsten Westholter

Kirsten Westholter is an agent of change by being an excellent consultant and adviser for businesses. She is the co-founder of Predixa. They help businesses achieve greater value and ...


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Simon Snelder with Nancy Garda

Nancy carries a lot of experience with her, and she has great stories to share with us about her time at Expo2020, her previous roles, and her current job as Head of Marketing and Communication at desert control.


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Simon Snelder with Kelly Montoya

Kelly Montoya is passionate about medical insurance and we feel this when she speaks about her industry.

She is the Medical & General Insurance Director at Seven Insurance Brokers.


Podcast 14

Simon Snelder with Debsena Chakraborty

Debsena Chakraborty is packed with knowledge and data, ready to share and has already built an impressive career. She is the Vice President business development at mFilterIt.


Podcast 13

Simon Snelder with David Daly

One of the best accountants in the GCC is David Daly. He brings humor to his industry. His expertise is at a different level and, on top of that, he always has a positive attitude. David is a partner at Gulf Tax Accounting Group (GTAG). 


Podcast 12

Simon Snelder with Caroline Bee

My guest for podcast 12 was Caroline Bee. Senior Vice President at Pico Group and she is the queen of event management. She does things on a grand scale and as an innovator, she always looks at the next new thing.


Podcast 11

Simon Snelder with Daniel Brook

My guest for podcast 11 was Daniel Brook. A leader in the Renewable energy sector at NES FIRCROFT Worked in Australia, United Kingdom, and now based in Dubai. friendly, extremely intelligent, warm, and kind.


Podcast 10

Simon Snelder with Dr. Abullah Mansury

My guest for podcast 10 was
Dr. Abdullah Mansury. Worked in Germany and GCC countries previously CFO at Nextcare, CFO at Allianz Saudi Fransi.


Podcast 9

Simon Snelder with Aman Pal Singh

My guest for podcast 9 was Aman Pal Singh, Founder and CEO Benefits for Expat FZC.

He worked for companies like Metlife, Zurich, RSA, and TATA AIG and build up the life department in multiple companies until he decided that he wanted to do it fully his way by starting his company.


Podcast with Tim Haywood

Simon Snelder with Tim Haywood

My guest for podcast 8 was Tim Haywood, General Manager, Regional Vice President at Walton Group of Companies.

Tim started his career in wealth management when he moved to Hong Kong 21 years ago from the UK. 


Podcast 7

Simon Snelder with Prof. Christian Farioli

Prof. Christian Farioli, CEO, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Book Author at ESD FZC.  AI & Digital lecturer at PwC's Academy Middle Eas. Chief Marketing Officer at Jingle Pay. Digital marketing trainer and keynote speaker.


Podcast 6

Simon Snelder with Mukash Toktogazy

Podcast 6 was with Mukash aka "Crypto monk". Mukash is the strategy development officer of MinePlex Banking. If you want to know more about crypto, this podcast is must watch! Because Crypto monk is connected with cryptos since 2011. He had a great story to share!


Podcast 5

Simon Snelder with Rafayel Papikyan

Podcast 5 was with Rafayel Papikyan the managing director and co-founder at & managing director at West Gate Real Estate Broker. We talked about his experience and knowledge in the Dubai real estate sector, hotel industry, and now as a tech entrepreneur.


WP Podcast 4

Simon Snelder with Pablo Ostrick

Podcast 4 is live with Pablo Ostrick known as the Passport men. Pablo and I had a great conversation about his life, the passport industry changes happening right now such as the Portuguese golden visa which will have new requirements in 2021. The future of the industry, and the current status.


WP Podcasts PatrickBirt

Simon Snelder with Patrick Birt

Podcast 3 is live with Patrick Birt, President EMEA/APAC at Visage.Jobs. Patrick and I had a great conversation about his life in Dubai, working for a startup, and what made him decide to join a startup at such an early stage.


WP Podcasts

Simon Snelder with Ahmad Al Rasheed

My second podcast was completed with Ahmad Al Rasheed, we had a lot of fun together and he is such an amazing person! We talked about his life story, the journey he had in the event company industry, and his new innovative event startup that is going strong.


Podcast 1

Simon Snelder with Adam Davis

My first guest was Adam Davis, owner of Capital 3PM. We had a very good conversation together. We talked about his life story, work experience, UK property market, Dubai, real estate deals, startups, loan notes, capital raising, investing, and being a business owner.

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