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Private Equity


Private Equity

Private equity is a way for investors, to team up and buy companies that are not traded on the stock market. They put their money into a company and get shares in return.

The aim is that company increases in value. After a few years, usually around 3 to 5 years, they try to sell these companies for a higher valuation. This is where investors make their profits. They might sell to another company, offer the company on the stock market through an IPO, or find a different buyer.

The investors hope to make a lot of money from the increased value of the companies. But it's not always guaranteed. Private equity is all about investing in growing companies, and then selling them for a profit. There is a risk involved but potentially rewarding way for investors to make higher than normal returns.

Global Alpha

Global Alpha has a long history of consistently generating returns for investors over the medium to long term, while outperforming their peer group.

Global Alpha has historically performed well across different market conditions, including bull and bear markets and during conditions that are adverse for traditional asset classes. By taking long and short futures positions, the strategy derives performance from trends in rising and falling markets.

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