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Simon Says

Simon Says are short and insightful videos where I share my opinions and personal experiences of the financial world and what I feel like is the best approach or views.

My personal experience shared with investing in real estate

August 2022

My personal experience shared with investing in real estate

My personal experience investing in the stock market

July 2022

The expat turned into a trader and lost his family savings

The businessman who went bankrupt

The Singaporean expat who lost everything, because he had a stroke.

Be careful of investment scams

June 2022

Loans and interest rates

Why does the stock market tend to fall when interest rates are rising?

Rebalancing your stock market portfolio

April 2022

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

There's a misunderstanding about fixed income

March 2022

Secure a lifetime income

Finding the right investment is almost identical to finding the right partner.

Do you like gambling?

Getting rich takes time, stop trying to do it quickly.

Do you care about your family....?

February 2022

How to teach children the value of money?

How to calculate your net worth?

What is the best investment?

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