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What is land investment and how can it grow your money?

Land investment is an asset class not so well known within the investment world. This is a bit strange because there are fundamental elements that make it attractive for most types of investors to invest in it. 

From the beginning of mankind till today empires and rulers fought wars to own land. That is how valuable it is. The land is a tangible asset, it can not disappear. There is limited availability of land and when something is rare it typically goes up in price. 

Not all land in the world is investable because you need a couple of factors in place to maximize your chances of making a good return on your investment. 

I have good news for you because I have personally invested in US land and I will share my experience with you. Because I don’t want you to miss out on knowing more about this great asset class! 

Let’s break this down and analyze step by step what is required. 

Track record

Before you invest you need to know, what the past performance has been to predict what you can expect in terms of future returns. 40 years track record is great because not many companies will have that. 

Assets under management 

If you are dealing with a company that is having a couple of millions or billions under management, it does make a difference. Many companies can reach millions, but a few companies will reach billions. 


Selling and buying land is a niche market and you need to know what you are buying to make a good return when you sell it. A lot of research is needed to understand where the value will rise the most. Spending a small fortune on research will accelerate the possibilities of making a large fortune. 


Who are you selling the land to? At the end of the day, you want to make sure that you have a solid buyer. So that your asset appreciation on paper can be transferred in cash in the bank. 


Proof of ownership is needed, to solidify that you own a physical asset. When you buy property The same you expect when you purchase a property, you also have proof that you own the property. 


Most investors don’t want to invest in real estate, because they consider this asset class as a hassle. Finding the property, managing it, renting it out, selling it. What if somebody else can do all the work for you, but you still take the benefits?

Bill Gates is the largest landowner now in the US, his 242,000 acres are worth $690 million. These are big numbers!

The land investment company that we work with has 81,000 acres in the US and currently manages US$3.4 billion of real estate assets on behalf of investors from around the globe. Bill Gates is the largest landowner in the US, but the value of his land is only 20% of what they have under management. 

This March, a client of mine invested in a plot in Denver, Colorado. Last week we received an update. According to the initial projections, she will make an 80% return on her investment in 6 years. Which by itself is an excellent return of 13.3% per annum.

The projection got revised upwards because they managed to negotiate with the US homebuilder a higher price. Now she will make a 120% return in 6 years, which is 20% per annum. 

This is amazing, and we keep seeing this happening with other projects as well. All success stories. This is the right time to step in. 

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